Friday, September 04, 2009

Wearable Tech: The O.R.B.™ (Launch in January 2010)

Q. What exactly is the O.R.B.? A ring or a headset?

A. Both, actually! The O.R.B. is a "digitset™" that transforms from a ring with a simple twist to become a Bluetooth headset worn on the ear that is capable of hands-free calling. Incorporating NXT technology the O.R.B. provides high quality bone conduction audio without the discomfort of placing a device inside the ear. A Deluxe edition also features a FOLED (Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diode) display for caller ID, text messaging, and calendar reminders.

Q.How do I change it from my finger to my ear?

A. To use the ring as a headset, you simply remove it from the finger and open at a hinged joint. The ring (now headset) is placed over the upper ear between ear and side of head. The receiver end of the headset rests just above the jawbone and utilizes dual speaker "voice annihilation" DSP technology. The transmit exciter transducer rests just behind the outer ear.

Q.What kind of communications can I send/receive when the O.R.B. is in the "ring" position?

A. The ring vibrates, through surface excitation "vibration tones", to alert user a call is received or a meeting is scheduled. The user can glance down at the finger and see a horizontal streaming message of caller I.D. or meeting schedules. When not in use the ring serves as a time device/alarm clock. If the user would like to silence a call he/she can simply touch a button on the band.

Q. What are some of the additional uses for the charging base?

A. The home charging base has two options; a charger/storage location and/or amplified speaker for alarms and preplanned reminders synced through the O.R.B. to the attached handset. The user sets there mobile handset to desired wake time and places the ring on the charging base. When the ring is signaled to vibrate (same as meeting alert or incoming call) the amplified speaker is activated. The user can stop the alarm two ways. First, the user can pick the ring off the charging base and return it to the base to activate the snooze option and the user can completely remove the ring form the base to cancel the alarm. The base includes a wrap around blue LED light to indicate the ring is on the base and charging. The alarm speaker is located on the top surface of the charging post. Note the contact surfaces match the + and - charging surfaces on the ring.

Q. Is the O.R.B. waterproof?

A. Yes it is. The O.R.B. features military spec seals and gaskets.

Q. What are the specific ring sizes that are associated with the small, medium, large and extra large O.R.B. sizes?

A. The small fits ring sizes 4-6, the medium fits ring sizes 7-9, the large fits ring sizes 10-12 and the extra large fits ring sizes 13-16. All of the sizes have an expansion hinge, spring prongs and adjustable adhesive soft pads on the interior edge which lend to a secure and comfortable fit both on the finger/thumb as well as the ear.

Q.When is the official launch date for the O.R.B.? How much does it cost?

A. The base model O.R.B. is scheduled to launch in January 2010 carrying a suggested retail price of USD$129, while the Deluxe edition is due in April 2010 with a price of USD$175. The Limited edition designer models are also due in April 2010 with their price based on the value of the gemstones incorporated into the device.

Q. Where will I be able to purchase one?

A. Distributers to be announced.

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