Sunday, September 27, 2009

Asleep at the Switch by Philip Hayden

I am amazed at the lack of informed business executives in today’s marketplace. We all know that we have just been involved in one of the biggest downturns in recent memory, our unemployment numbers are up, our profits are squeezed, our top-line growth has slowed to a crawl and our mental toughness has been severely challenged. Having said all that, I never thought that I would see the day that the US Government, of all people, would recognize a critical business gap before our insightful, thoughtful, strategic business leaders. The fact of the matter is — THEY BEAT YOU TO THE PUNCH —– THE US GOVERNMENT — HOW EMBARRASSING.

The US GOVERNMENT - Those folks in Washington that have ineptly guided our country for years have actually recognized that cyber terrorism is one of the major threats facing this country and the businesses that operate within our borders and around the globe. They have decide to create another bureaucracy to handle this important threat to America, it’s citizens and the business community — except they are choosing not to set standards for private business, guide the direction or assist the taxpayers in any meaningful way. In other words they plan to behave in the fashion that government always behaves — A lot of talk and no RESULTS.

So business execs, what are you waiting for? The majority of you are sitting back thinking that your CIO or techies have you covered. Don’t worry; (you think) they will protect your intellectual capital, your customer information, your strategic plans, and your key information that keeps your doors open. Oh, by the way, remember we are in tough times, so we can’t spend any money now for these types of things. THINK AGAIN!!!! Ask the former and current CEO’s of any of the many, many companies that have experienced major information compromises if they wish that they would have been better informed about cyber security and taken the time to be become more involved, before it was too late. Their answer would be a resounding “YES”.

It is not just about budget, it’s about protecting the very assets that allow your business to exist. Don’t trust your business future soley to your technology department—your real exposure is across your entire organization, not just in the technology area. Look around, get qualified help and act decisively, while you still have time to protect your very existence, as a viable organization.

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