Sunday, August 09, 2009

Al Qaida: Western Spies Multiply "Like Locusts" by Asymmetric Warfare (Internet | OSINT | HaYishuv)

The jihadis - undoubtedly responding to al-Libi's recently released book "Guidance on the Ruling of the Muslim Spy" - have launched a counter-intelligence effort aimed at exposing the many spies in their midst, starting with this alleged Jordanian intelligence asset.

Of course, one can't rule out that the "spy" is a real jihadi, and that the erstwhile spy-catchers are really working for Jordanian intelligence.

Remember kids, just because it's non-kinetic doesn't mean it's not lethal. If we convince you that your brother is a spy - that's non-kinetic. If you act on that conviction and kill your brother - that's lethal.

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