Friday, July 31, 2009

Terrorism in the West 2008

The Center for Terrorism Research has released its newest report, Terrorism in the West 2008, which I co-authored with my colleagues Joshua D. Goodman and Laura Grossman.

Terrorism is not a new phenomenon, nor is it likely to disappear anytime soon. It is not the exclusive domain of any single religion or ideology, nor do all terrorists come from the same socioeconomic class or share the same mental pathologies. In part, the diversity within contemporary terrorism is what makes it so much of a challenge. The new report is intended to describe, in great detail, the state of terrorism in Western countries over the course of 2008. It features:

A comprehensive look at terrorism events in the West, including attacks, failed plots, and arrests.
A discussion of landmark terrorism prosecutions.
An assessment of broad trends in terrorist activity over the course of the year.
Expert commentary from Jeff Breinholt, Rohan Gunaratna, Andrew C. McCarthy, Reuven Paz, and CT Blog Contributing Expert Douglas Farah.

To download the study, click here.


Mark Eibert said...

The link to your study does not seem to be working. Has it been taken down? I would love to read it.

roy_mitsuoka said...


I am not sure why the link is not working. Will try to figure out.

God speed.