Monday, May 18, 2009

iRobot Corp: Developed a New Microbot for Military Applications iRobot Ember

Ember is a prototype and was developed under Phase 1 of DARPA’s ongong LANdroids program.

LANdroids Program Goal:
To provide warfighters operating in dense urban environments with tools to deploy and maintain an ad-hoc communication infrastructure.

Ember’s Statistics & Capabilities:

-- Approximately one pound
-- Unprecedented mobility for vehicles of similar size
-- Uses a flipper mechanism for self righting and obstacle climbing
-- Accepts USB and SDIO based payload modules, including radios and sensors

One single warfighter will be able to carry and deploy multiple robots:

-- Ultimately, these robots will be inexpensive to the point of being disposable
-- They will be robust enough to allow the warfighter to drop and throw them into position
-- They will be smart enough to detect and avoid obstacles while navigating its environment

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