Saturday, November 22, 2008

Iraq Victory Approximation by Thomas Barnett

After Action Report: VISIT IRAQ AND KUWAIT 31 OCTOBER - 6 NOVEMBER 2008, by General Barry R. McCaffrey USA (Ret), November 4, 2008

The latest from McCaffrey on Iraq. Note that it's addressed to Col Michael Meese, son of Reagan's AG, who served famously in Petraeus' brain trust during the surge and now wields his considerable influence as a new thinker at West Point. He was kind enough to send me a copy of On Point II after our F2F there last spring.

Of special interest to me is the definition of the "howevers" under the economy header. This is where Steve and I think Development-in-a-Box can have a lot of good impact once translated southward.

As tentative as this all feels, this is as close as it may come to a definition of "victory" in Iraq - as wholly inappropriate as that term may be.

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