Sunday, April 13, 2008

Trying to Stay One Step Ahead of the Terrorists by Andrew Cochran

In connection with our continuing coverage of terrorists' uses of the online world, I submit the following advertisement for an online seminar to educate law enforcement in the next generation of cyber forensics:

"Unlike most other smart phones, the iPhone incorporates desktop-like features in an easy-to-use mobile package. As a result of its high level of technology and available features, many are likely to use it as a primary device for various forms of data and communication. While some of a suspect's data can be viewed using the direct GUI interfaces in the iPhone's software, much hidden and deleted data is available as well, which may provide for more thorough evidence gathering.

"Existing commercial forensic tools are sadly lacking their ability to perform deep raw disk level recovery, and so Jonathan will demonstrate how to install his custom forensics toolkit on any existing model iPhone and send a raw disk image to a desktop machine. He will also show you how to recover files specific to the iPhone including deleted keyboard caches, photos, web objects, and much more."

"Jonathan" is apparently quite an expert at hacking the iPhone and other mobile phones. It's good to know he's with "the good guys," although it leads me to believe, in part based on past episodes involving advanced technology, that Al Qaeda, major drug smugglers, and some other groups might figure out how to perform tricks with an iPhone to avoid being caught. The act-react nature of the struggle doesn't change.

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