Thursday, August 04, 2005

United States Weapons Networking Systems

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, United States Air Force Research Laboratory, Rockwell Collins, Thales, Boeing, and Launch Pad Labs, are studying and will start testing two systems that are QNT enablers around September of 2007. The two QNT enabler systems are Tactical Targeting Network and Weapons Data Link Network. Tactical Targeting Network is a high speed, low latency, and dynamic ad hoc network designed to assist in rapid retargeting. Weapons Data Link Network is an in flight communication interface for precision guided weapons.

QNT will result in robust and network data link technologies suitable on and with weapons and soldiers. QNT will also enable precision guided weapons, unmanned air vehicles, and unmanned ground vehicles to strike high value targets that are time critical and mobile. At the same time, these robust and network data link technologies will secure weapons handoff to any air and/ or ground systems and soldiers.

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