Wednesday, August 10, 2005

United States Project BioShield

United States Project BioShield now has a basic network of biosensors. United States Project BioShield must increase and accelerate the development and deployment of systems and biosensors to quickly, productively, and effectively detect biological, radiological, or chemical attacks.

United States Project BioShield must also use technology that is evolved and adaptive to prevent and resolve biological, radiological, or chemical attacks:

Aethlon Medical, Inc. has developed the Hemopurifier. A device able to clear pathogens and toxins from circulation in the body.

Roaming Messenger has developed Roaming Messenger. A messenging software and messenging service that allows corporations and government agencies to deliver information in a secure, productive, and effective method.

Stout Solutions, L.L.C. has developed FirstWatch. FirstWatch is integrated with Roaming Messenger. FirstWatch is a database software and network software designed to analyze data for abnormalities, patterns, and calls that indicate biological, radiological, or chemical attacks, and/ or emerging public health and safety threats. Once attacks and/ or threats is detected, FirstWatch automatically dispatches Roaming Messenger Alerts, which track down the appropriate responders by way of wired or wireless devices, providing real time information and response capabilities.

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