Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Computer Chip, University of Texas, Douglas Burger, and Stephen Keckler

Douglas Burger and Stephen Keckler are on the path to new computer chip technology. The Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and IBM are working closely with the two University of Texas computer scientists. The Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency also has handed the two computer scientists development funds since 2001. IBM also has handed the use of physical capital to manufacture the prototypes and the new computer chips. The new computer chip technology will spawn computer chips able to conduct trillion plus calculations per second. Trillion plus calculations per second is impressive. Even so, the new computer chips would be able to conduct reconfigurable computing on the fly which is amazing. Such new computer chip technology would allow future Macintosh from Apple Computer, Inc. to reconfigure the circuitry on its PowerPC then run software written for Intel computer chips. In addition, an iPod could detect an incoming call and convert into a cell phone.

Laying new computer chip technology is crucial given the current way computer chip technology is boosting performance. Has been estimated that current computer chip technology by 2008 will have circuit lines in computer chips roughly similar to 20 miles of wires. The energy needed to push signals through circuitry that long could generate enough heat to melt the circuit lines.

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