Saturday, May 15, 2004

Intelligence VS. Politics (Jeff Crooke)

Need and use of politics by Jeff Crooke reflect the soundbytes on the War on Terrorism. Jeff Crooke will never be able to discuss and/ or implement effective and productive national security and strategic applications. Jeff Crooke promotes politics and does not promote intelligence.

"Wednesday, April 02, 2003

While doing some research about a much-circulated email concerning Colin Powell, I came across an interesting bit of what appears to be right-wing plagiarism. Here is a Fred Barnes article about refuting anti-war arguments - I will not bother refuting these 10 points, as they were posed in such an unrealistic way as to provide their own answers and are crumbling on their own quite nicely (I especially enjoyed the remarks about our imaginary friends coalition partners). It is interesting to note that, just as he does not frame these arguments with any meaningful context, Barnes does not quote Powell accurately.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

The days are getting sunny and warm. I have more work to do. So, with the following correction, it's adieu, adieu, adieu.

In a post on April 2, 2003, I noted what appeared to be an instance of plagiarism by a student writing for the University of Texas at Arlington's online version of The Shorthorn. Roy Mitsuoka's article detailing how to refute anti-war arguments at times marched goosestep word-for-word with a Fred Barnes article on the same subject. According to Mitsuoka, this is because he was receiving assistance from Barnes at the time he wrote the article for the Shorthorn.

Roughly three weeks later this article appeared, written by Roy Mitsuoka. Portions of it are borrowed, word for word, from the Barnes article. No credit is given, no citation made. A note at the bottom reads "Roy Mitsuoka, an interdisciplinary studies sophomore focusing on United States national security studies." With plagiarism and forgery now seemingly the norm among our leaders, it would seem at least some national security students are receiving an excellent education with real experience."

Do not need to stoop to level of Jeff Crooke politics. Jeff Crooke need and use of politics is interested in destruction. Jeff Crooke use of politics may change action of opposition in short term, but does do anything to build moral and ethical character.

Jeff Crooke is right in the short term. Even so, mass demonstrations get attention in the short term and do not accomplish what intelligence accomplish in the long term. Rebuttals may be necessary, must pick battles, fight picked battles appropriately, and fight conflict or war to the end. However, in general, more will be accomplished by intelligence than by politics. History has recorded the intelligence and politics of Jeff Crooke.

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